Friends and Family,


We are so excited to announce that we are in the process of adopting a little girl named Kameron Hope from the Republic of Congo! We could not be more thrilled and honored to be her parents! She currently is being cared for at Mwana Villages in Pointe Noire, Congo. We have supported Mwana for a while and have known and prayed about Kameron since she first came into their care in early 2018. Mwana Villages is a holistic orphan ministry whose model is to empower vulnerable families with a transformative hope and future. They always first seek to reunify children with their biological families whenever possible. We fully believe and support Mwana Villages and are so happy to know our daughter has received such excellent, ethical care.

Kameron is a month older than our daughter Kallie (16 months) so she will become our oldest child! Kameron was born with spina bifida, a condition that affects the spine and can result in varying levels of neurological disability to the lower body. Once she was taken into the care of the Mwana Villages staff at 7 months old, she was flown to a hospital in Uganda specializing in spina bifida care to receive a crucial surgery to repair the opening in her spinal cord. The level of severity of her disability will not be known until she develops further, but she will likely have limited sensation and use of her legs.


If you are reading this page, chances are you are an important person in our lives. While we know we are called to adopt, we also know we are not called to do it alone. Some of the greatest gifts God has given us through the years are relationships. Relationships that encourage us, challenge us, and have helped us become who we are today. We have no idea what parenting three or more children will be like and will continue to need encouragement, wisdom, and prayers.

We just recently completed our home study and are officially matched with Kameron! We are hopeful that we will be bringing her home in 2019. We will keep you updated throughout this adoption process!

Would you consider joining us by becoming a prayer partner, financial donor, or social media promoter? Click on the Fundraising tab above to learn more about opportunities to support us. 

You can get updates via email if you click the + sign below and sign up to follow our blog. We are so thankful for each of you and the roles that you will play in Kameron’s life.

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